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Hi! I'm Dixie. I was a career mathematics and physics teacher for 30 years and I enjoyed it very much. At 51 I retired from teaching to take care of my mother who was seriously ill. During that time we had a small Bible study in our home and I also did a Bible study through the mail with Sharon, a friend in Florida. A couple of years ago I began developing a series of lessons on the gospel of Mark. I have included those study notes on this website and more studies of books of the Bible are available on Sharon's. (Her website is: www.momsbiblejournal.com)


As a teen I came to the realization that, although I was religious, attending church services, activities and even singing in the choir, I was not a child of God. I didn't have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus. I began to think about Him and what the scriptures said about Him. There was no doubt in my mind that He was the Son of God, sent to free me from the bondage of sin, fear and hopelessness and to establish me in a loving and growing relationship with God.


I repented of my independence from Him and asked Him to forgive me and to be my Lord and Savior. Since then, I have been on an adventure of faith in the Word and with the Holy Spirit. It's been great! I know Jesus now, rather than just knowing about Him. I talk to Him and He talks to me. (Hebrews 3:7-8, John 14:26) These LambTalk stories have helped me immensely in getting to know the Lord Jesus better. He is a Person Who laughs and hugs and Whose eyes twinkle. I just never thought of Him like that until He showed me that about Himself through these stories. I adore Him. He's the best!


How LambTalk began:


I was sitting at my computer in March 2007 intending to do a study of the Good Shepherd in chapter ten of the Gospel of John. I was making a few notes, when I heard in my spirit, "What would it sound like from the lamb's point of view?" Immediately I began to hear a little lamb tell me about his wonderful Shepherd. In three weeks' time, I had received thirty-three stories about the lambs in the Good Shepherd's flock and their relationship to Him and to each other. These stories, thirty-six in all, are an allegory depicting believers and their relationship to their Shepherd, the Lord Jesus Christ, and to each other. In the writing and editing process, I have read these stories many times and have received a blessing every single time. I know you will, too, because that is part of my prayer for you.

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