Vonda Skelton


Vonda Skelton, noted children's author and Christian speaker, critiqued the first draft of LambTalk and wrote, "This is a precious series! I can see it as a book...parents can read to their children...great bedtime stories..." She also suggested using some individual stories as picture books, and said she could see developing the stories as an animated series. "Great job! I truly enjoyed your stories" were her closing remarks.


Alex Bailey, valedictorian of her high school


"(The stories) have touched me and I pray they help many more people walk closer to God by their clear illustration. They evoke the simplicity of faith I felt in my childhood, which is good to remember as a young adult, and at any age."


Brenda McClintock, my sister-in-law


"I wish I had the words to convey to you what an impact this book had on me. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was inspired by Holy Spirit. It’s awesome! I found myself laughing in some places and crying in others. It is written in such a descriptive way that I can picture the lambs as they interact with one another and with the Shepherd. You’ve portrayed the Shepherd as so loving and gentle, which He truly is. I love that each story has a lesson to be learned by the reader. This is not only a book for children, but adults will also be brought back to the basics, the love of our Shepherd."


"I’m praying that some "big name" will get this book in his/her hands and it will be published not only nationally, but internationally. This is so special (and I believe, anointed), and it needs to have very widespread availability. The little lambs would look Precious (pardon the pun!) frolicking on the silver screen. It’s certainly not beyond our Father’s capacity to make it happen. I strongly feel that the book should have wide circulation. I love the lessons incorporated in the stories. . . I love you for being obedient to write it."


Anne Logan


I asked Anne Logan, head of Victory Harvest Church Ministries, Inc. and who is very knowlegeable in the scriptures, to edit the spiritual content of the book. She read it and sent it back unmarked. She wrote,"The Lord said to me, 'It is holy ground' . . . not to be touched or changed."



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